Monday, March 10, 2014

Cotton Candy


It was a beautiful sunny day so I pulled out my new skirt from Ivyrevel. But the temperature is still a bit chilly so a thick and cozy sweater on top was perfect. I also bought new shoes and a suede leather bag to complete this look. The leather skirt is really comfortable and it fits me like a glove. I'm also in love with the shoes. What a beauty! To be honest the shoes aren't that comfortable but they are so photogenic. I just had to have them :P.

Photos by Tyler Nguyen


  1. Your blog is amazing! i’m impressed by your design & photos!
    and you outfits deserve separate attention!
    everything is magnificent! would you like to follow each other?

    will be happy to see you in my blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Amazing look! This sweater is wonderful!

  3. wow, I have to agree when they say that the key point can be in detailing, and this is so true when I look at your outfit, very beautifully styled and accessorized. the shoes are divine! <3 xoxo

  4. You done a great job :)
    Awesome look and super cool pics

  5. So beautiful, the sweater is gorgeous!!

  6. Hey girl!
    Lovin your skirt and the oversized sweater ;) xoxo

    New Post up…

  7. I love the color of your lips ! :))

  8. Superb outfit!
    Leuke combinatie Minh :) Je illustraties zien er altijd gaaf uit!

  9. Nice blog!
    If you want follow eatch other, tell me …

  10. Stunning Look!

  11. this outfit is absolutely beautiful!

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  14. I love your outfit and especially the shoes!
    Great blog! Following you now.
    Are these drawings done by you?

  15. wow,super sweet feeling
    full of style
    big love
    i wanna make a picture like you
    how to do it?
    Drawing all the pictures by yourself?
    please let me know in my blog,thank you so much

  16. Looks amazing! Your blog is so great!

  17. Just love this look its beautiful especially with the pastel pink jumper <3 p.s I have also included your blog in my blogroll just love it! x

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  20. I like your blog and yor style. You look so pretty.